12V14Ah 210CCA

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Deka Power Sports


The USA made Deka Power Sports range of AGM technology batteries are designed as high power premium starting batteries. They suit motorcycles, jet skis, watercraft, ATVs, and other performance starting applications that require the combination of high amps with relatively light weight. The Power Sports most notable features include

  • higher power to weight ratio,
  • zero maintenance,
  • ultra low internal resistance for both fast power output and recharge,
  • superior charge retention, and strong vibration resistance.

They are ready to go off the shelf! The Deka Power Sports range is aimed at the discerning customer who demands superior performance, higher reliability, and longer life with zero chance of spillage or charging spatter onto their precious chrome, paint or electronics. They are exact fitments into most Harley Davidsons as well as many other late model motorcycles as well as most jet skis and other watercraft.

Product Description

Deka ETX15L 12 Volt 210 CCA 14 AH Power Sports Battery 
Replaces: CYTX14AHL-BS, GTX14AHLBS, M62H4L, YTX14AHL-BS, YB14L-A1, YB14L-A2, YB14L-B2, 12N14-3A, SYB14L-A2, SYB14L-B2, 44005 

CCA: 210
Weight: 11.0 lbs. 5.0 kg
Length: 5 1/4" 134mm
Width: 3 1/2" 90mm
Height: 6 9/16" 166mm

Replaces: YB14L-A1, YB14L-A2, YB14L-B2, 12N14-3A, SYB14L-A2*(Includes Sensor Not Supplied with AGM), SYB14L-B2*(Includes Sensor Not Supplied with AGM)
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