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Ctek M100 marine battery charger. An excellent marine charger offering great value for money that provides complete battery care for small boats with a 12V-battery, and which can serve as a start and service battery. 

Ctek's M100 is a fully automatic 8-step charger that supplies 7A and is ideal for batteries between 14-150Ah and up to 225 Ah for maintenance charging. Ctek's M100 analyses whether the battery can accept and retain the charge, it removes harmful lead sulphate crystals, gives an effective charge and automatically switches to safe maintenance charging when the battery is fully charged. 

The practical Recond mode reconditions the battery following deep discharging, which can occur after a long day at sea. AGM mode provides optimum charging of 
 AGM batteries that require a slightly higher charging voltage. There is a Supply mode  which acts as a power source if you need to disconnect a battery and do not want  
to lose important electronic settings.
IP65 classification means that Ctek M100 is splash and dustproof. It does not generate any harmful galvanic currents, is fully compatible with the boat’s 
  electronics and has been developed to offer safe charging: non-sparking, reverse polarity protection and short circuit proof. 
 Ctek's M100 comes with a five year guarantee.

    Input Voltage                  220-240vac, 50-60hz
    Output Voltage               14.4v, 14.7, 13.6v/supply, 15.8v/recond
    Charging Current              7amp
     Charger Type                   8 step, fully automatic switch mode with
                                                pulse maintenance
      Batteries                         12v lead acid, WET, MF, AGM, Calcium and GEL
       Battery Size                    14-150Ah 914-225Ah maintenance charging

           Ctek M100 battery charger manual

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